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Gracie Kelly's: Anzac Day Remembrance Night

Join us on Friday April 25th at 8pm onwards at Gracie Kelly's when we hold our annual ANZAC day Memorial Night. Live music will be provided by our famous Rais Paddies Band and our juggling bartender will show you how to prepare one of his famous cocktails. Also make sure to join the drink [ ... ]

Karma Kandara: Savage Sunday BBQ

Savage Sunday BBQ From 5.30 Pm - 8.00 Pm All you can eat! Plus great live DJs Playing throughout the day!  IDR 540,000++ Per Person Food only IDR 720,000++ Per Person with Free Flow Soft Drinks, juice & ice water IDR 1,440,000++ Per Person with Free Flow Sommelier’S Selection [ ... ]

Golden Lotus: Chinese Herbal Seafood Soup &...

Chinese Herbal Seafood Soup & Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup (Chinese Spices & Herbs : Waisan, Kichi, Tongsam,Tongwe, Kam-Pue, Ang-cau) Rp. 75.000 net/bowl    From the 1st of May to the 31st of July 2014 Golden Lotus has prepared a traditional Chinese Herbal Soup, called   [ ... ]

Karma Kandara: 7 day Easter Program Summary

Wednesday, 16th April • Caribbean reggae beach festival Celebrate the Caribbean vibe with island-style beats, bites and a bounty of soul-soothing Chakra Cocktails. Join our in-house Karma Beach Bali DJs from 1pm – 7pm as they take you on an unforgettable musical journey with Caribbean [ ... ]

Le Meridien Bali: Rendez-Vous of Taste Memo...

BALI, INDONESIA – 15 April 2014 – Augmenting the global brand’s passion in promoting cuisine that accentuates European heritage and café culture, Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran continuously engage the travellers with unique edibles by introducing new assortments of Eye Openers signature [ ... ]

Karma Beach Caribbean Vibe

All day Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday “Caribbean cooking is all about unique West Indian spices mixed with flavors from around the world to create a truly unique dish that’s great for sharing or keeping to yourself… cool cooking with hot flavors!” Backyard Special WHOLE RA [ ... ]

Hard Rock Hotel Bali announces new Executiv...

Bali – Apr. 14, 2014 – Hard Rock Hotel Bali – the leading entertainment Hotel in Bali – announces the appointment of Andrew Hastie as thenew Executive Assistant Manager (Food and Beverage) as of April 1,2014. Andrew Hastie will be responsible for Food and Beverage and assigned res [ ... ]

Beachwalk: Celebrate Easter with Bali Zoo

Celebrate Easter with Bali Zoo:  An Easter Celebration for Family Family is the closest people you will always have in your heart and in your life. Family is part of our selves that will never be a part to the rest of our life. This April, beachwalk Shopping Center as the only prestig [ ... ]


Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud Grand Opening

Ubud is well known for its serene beauty. Many wishes to visit this place, thanks to Julia Robert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” movie, to find a peaceful time out and reconnect with their inner self. In real life though, Ubud is not only famous for couples looking to rekindle their love, but also for foodies. No less than three international TV chefs praises Ubud for its lovely cuisine.

Joining the mouth-watering array of Ubud eateries, in early March 2014 Kuta’s renowned Bale Udang Mang Engking open up a new branch at Jalan Raya Goa Gajah. Equipped with vast parking space, ‘BUME’ – the restaurant’s casual name – is capable to handle large group of people. Aiming to become a must visit destination in Bali, BUME Ubud provides not only delicious prawn based dishes, which has proven to be guest favourite in BUME Kuta, but also a scenery that depict Ubud’s best: lush green rice field on one side, steep river slope on the other side, plus BUME’s signature scenic pond where the bamboo ‘bale’, or eating huts are erected.

Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud’s menu serves similar dishes the Kuta Branch has, with popular items like Udang Bakar Madu and Sup Kelapa Udang among the list. Hailing from Yogyakarta, Mang Engking restaurants started out as shrimp farm, hence its specialties in prawn based dishes. 

Nowadays Mang Engking are well known for its signature Udang Bakar Madu: honey grilled king prawns, Gurame Cobek: Gourami fish in spicy savoury aromatic ginger scented aroma, Pesmol, and other Sundanese dishes. Outside of the Western Javanese native dishes though, BUME also serves national and local dishes like Sop Buntut, and Iga Penyet. Guests can also choose from the seven different kind of Sambals served in BUME, including Bali’s favourite Sambel Matah.  

Consistent with their main menu, Bale Udang Mang Engking serves variety of traditional snacks and drinks, with a modernized twist like the Tape Gulung Keju: fermented cassava filled spring rolls sprinkled with cheese and palm sugar dipping sauce. 

Es Kelapa Jeruk is a guaranteed thirst quencher, while for a more exotic combo try out their Es Sarang Singaraja, Es Kelapa Sirsak Jimbaran, or Es Kelapa Cincau Tanah Lot.

To ensure service perfection, Mang Engking’s Bali branches are managed under Avilla Hospitality, which also manages several hotels around Bali. This synergy has injects luxury and hotel-quality hospitality to the guests, which further makes Bale Udang Mang Engking a famous destination among local and Asian tourists.

Beside of the bamboo bale, garden deck, floating deck, and main hall, Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud also facilitated with musholla, souvenir shop, and snack corner that sells Sundanese as well as Balinese treats for visitors to brought home. 

For reservation and enquiries, contact +62 361 978 754 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bale Udang Ubud

Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud 

Bali, Indonesia


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On The Menu: The Dark Arts (Tiger Tales Mandala)

Arek Suroboyo Jeffry Lukito bertemu Bayu Amus di kafe impian para penggemar cokelat After trading bean counting for cocoa beans, Surabaya native Jeffry Lukito opened a café that’s a chocoholic’s dream.

Jeffry Lukito meninggalkan studi akuntansi untuk membuka Kuapa Cocoa - Premium Chocolate Salon yang menawarkan menu cokelat unik.

Bagaimana asal mula Kuapa Cocoa berdiri?

Terinspirasi dari restoran cokelat Max Brenner di Singapura, saya kemudian tertarik mendalami cokelat dengan belajar otodidak selama tiga tahun dan magang di hotel dan pabrik cokelat di Surabaya. Saya juga bereksperimen dengan beragam cokelat. Dari sana terpikir untuk membuat kafe yang edukatif.

Edukatif seperti apa?

Banyak orang tidak tahu cokelat punya karakter rasa berbedabeda: silky, smoky, pahit, masam, bahkan pedas. Seperti kopi, karakter rasa dan aroma

cokelat sangat dipengaruhi oleh tanaman di sekitarnya. Saya juga melatih para “kuaparista” - barista cokelat - agar mampu menjelaskan tentang cokelat. Kita juga kerap membuat kelas pengenalan dan apresiasi cokelat.

Bagaimana cara membuat menu di Kuapa?

Eksperimen resep dari internet, buku, juga mengolah cokelat impor yang berasal dari satu daerah (single origin). Herannya, karakter rasa dan aroma unik cokelat impor itu hilang saat jadi hot chocolate. Saya menemukan proses pengolahan ideal setelah meminjam teknik olah kopi

untuk proses fermentasi dan pemanggangan biji cokelat. Cara ini sukses mendapatkan hasil konsisten antara rasa dan aroma cokelat di awal dan setelah diproses.

Menu favorit para tamu?

Hot Thick Chocolate dan Tipsy Chocolate yang dicampur liquor seperti vodka. Saya pribadi lebih suka hot chocolate, dengan single origin antara Carribean atau South African yang milky.

Ada menu khusus untuk Valentine?

Chocolate Fondue cocok untuk pasangan, terdiri dari irisan buah, kue sus kering, dan marshmallow yang dicelup ke larutan cokelat. Pilih cokelat

Ekuador untuk manis legit, South African untuk manis lembut.

G09, Spazio Mall, 33 Jln Lingkar Dalam, Surabaya


When he was just 22, Jeffry Lukito abandoned his accounting studies to become the head chef and director at Kuapa Cocoa – Premium Chocolate Salon. Lukito’s newly minted café offers a full menu of sweet creations.

What inspired you to open Kuapa Cocoa?

My love affair with chocolate began with a visit to a Max Brenner chocolate bar in Singapore. Then I learned about chocolate production on my own for three years by interning at different hotels and even at a chocolate factory in Surabaya.

How do you teach people to become Chocolate Connoisseurs?

If you ask most people what chocolate tastes like, they’ll muster up something like, “It tastes like chocolate”. What they don’t realise is that chocolate offers a full spectrum of fl avours: silky, smoky, bitter, acidic or even chilli-pepper hot. Just like coffee, it easily takes onthe tastes and aromas of other plants around the tree it’s picked from.

How did you develop your full chocolate menu?

I experiment by modifying existing recipes using imported single-origin chocolate. The first thing I ever learned was that the unique tastes and aromas weaken significantly when you heat them up. So, I copied the coffee technique by fermenting and roasting the cocoa beans to retain their original flavours.

Do you have a special Valentine Day menu?

Try the chocolate fondue with fruit slices, choux pastry and marshmallows. Choose Ecuadorian beans for thickly sweet chocolate or South African for sweet and silky.

G09, Spazio Mall, 33 Jln Lingkar Dalam, Surabaya

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