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Should a Menu contain images?

With image or without image? Should the menu in a restaurant contain images of the food they serves? Gordon Ramsay in one of his Kitchen Nightmare episode criticized a restaurant he revitalized for providing images of the food; he thinks it misleads, makes you look cheap, and prefer to steer clear of it.

Beside of the chance of getting sued if the image portrayed misleads customer from the appearance of the real food, good image costs; it requires seomewhere between a good artistic sense plus a pocket camera, up into a team consisting of a good food stylist and a food photographer with fancy stuffs -- which might not comes cheap.

Should you insist on doing it by yourself but without proper execution, and ends up with something mediocre, then instead of attracting it might steers away potential customers from stepping into your premise. Hence with using image on your menu, you might encounter more trouble than advantages. So then, is image really important? Is it worth to go through all the challenges in having good food photographs?

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Pizza Hut and Good Complaint Handling

Pizza Hut LogoPizza Hut is among the places me and wife frequent, even though we don't find their pizza incredibly good; they're okay, but we have other favorite when considering pizza alone.

What we find comforting is that you can expect the consistent quality of food and service here, and combined with affordable options of the Sensasi Delight set menus, it's a good choice for budget eating. Though you might have to spend a bit more for their special treats, but for a very decent price you can get a good meal.

Another reason is that while on some days things are just not right, their consistent respecting attitude towards us as the customers is what kept us loyal; including on part where we think they excel; Complaint handling.

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