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The Lasting Flavors of iFlava

iFlava_front_viewiFlava’s colorful logo is what interests us at first, and if you know how dehydrated Tukad Barito during high noon is, them selling ice cream is like opening an oasis in the middle of the dessert; and from several occasions we’re passing by this place, we can see that they’re quite popular, so surely we were lured to stop by.

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Your alternative Bali eating agenda

Scouting for good food in Bali is no hard task; tales of Ibu Oka's Suckling Pig, Bebek Bengil, Warung Made, Ayana's Rock Bar, and Naughty Nuri's Ribs has been around for long, and frequently mentioned in communities about travel and Bali; you can fill up your culinary travel agenda pretty quick by just browsing around the internet.

However, once you frequent Bali you will be wondering if that's all that Bali has to offer. Is it?

Well it's not. There are a lot of worthy selections usually shadowed over by the hype of what’s happening or what the common votes are.

Even though innovations doesn't happen in Bali as often as in Bandung, and new eateries doesn't open up as much as in Jakarta, Bali has a whole lots of eateries worth merit. While most does not provide breath taking scenery of the sunset, or a chance to eat at the shores right by the sea, but the food experience itself is really worth it. Besides, they have also been around for quite a while.

So, are you ready to have something different, and more traditional for a change?

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