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About Epicurina

Epicurean Indonesia (Epicurina) vision is to make Indonesia a prefered good food destination in Asia, therefore it's our mission to broadcasts & promotes both Indonesian food, and good food available in Indonesia.

Back in 2002, Epicurina was born from our concern about quality and affordability of Indonesian eateries. We aim to provide informations that could ensure meaningful eating experiences for everyone eating out in Indonesia, through reviews and opinions about Indonesian eating places.

We also notices that while comprising of a very rich and diverse culinary culture, Indonesian food is barely known outside Indonesia. That's why we also love to share news and insight on Indonesia's rich culinary culture and its good food scene to the world.

As we went through our journey we also noticed that education about good eating experience is half of our efforts; only with sharing about customer's insight with food businesses we can achieve the good synergy. It means providing insight about good eating experience for food businesses.

Please visit our Services page to find out eating experience related support we provides and how it can suits your business. 

For general inquiries please send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.