The Lasting Flavors of iFlava

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iFlava_front_viewiFlava’s colorful logo is what interests us at first, and if you know how dehydrated Tukad Barito during high noon is, them selling ice cream is like opening an oasis in the middle of the dessert; and from several occasions we’re passing by this place, we can see that they’re quite popular, so surely we were lured to stop by.

iFlava presented this chick industrial interior for their patrons to hang out; bare cement walls and floor, combined with the lively colors on the built in table and the seating cushions, creates a modern and funky atmosphere. The two big fans on the wall however, have little effect on dispersing the heat that builds up during the day; thankfully the open space helps the cool air flows freely to introduce some cool wave into the dining area.

This setting though, according to the owner Giri, is among his strategy to attract younger crowds; especially since there are some campuses nearby. He’s been also investigating that area, and found the well built, closed door and Air Conditioned eateries are less favored by the crowds in giving the impression of high prices, though they might have prices in the same pricing range with iFlava.

Thanks to his network in the music and radio business, and sharp marketing sense, in just three months of its operation, iFlava has already partnered with some big consumer product brands targeting youngsters.

iFlava_TwitteriFlava’s most effective marketing tools however, according to Giri lies in the digital world of internet; Facebook Page and Twitter. On those two digital channels, iFlava reaches out to their customers and regularly posted quizzes, promotion programs, or to simply engaging their curious customers while they’re not at the shop.

iFlava also accepts request on what sort of ice cream flavor they should provide, thus creating not just loyal, but also eager customers; and for those who happen to be at the shop and inform iFlava on those two digital channels, might get a surprise discount bonus.

iFlava’s interest in the digital world, is also among the reason why Giri decided to put the “i” in the name. To further support this idea, he provides free WiFi connection for iFlava’s patrons. That is why Giri informed, iFlava is also often visited by college students to just hang out and browsing on their laptops.

Beside of the youngsters as their major customers, iFlava are also frequented by families, and at some occasions, elders. Giri who is also the vocalist of the Disco New Wave band “Tolbandtol” often also finds his place is made as a meeting point of Denpasar’s local music community and fans.

iFlava_ice_cream_banana_splitSo far iFlava serves only six ice cream flavors at a time; quite small selection for a place claimed itself as an ice cream parlor. However, iFlava is continually updating their selections of ice cream, sometimes as fast as once every three days, to introduce new variations so their customers is never get bored.

iFlava ice cream style is somewhere between the ice cream and gelato; not too milky, just enough creamy, and not too sweet. What we found interesting by the way, is the use of real strawberry chunks on the strawberry ice cream to give the freshness, and the bitter flavor of the chocolate ice cream to give the punch; this is not your regular over the counter ice cream for sure. We liked their courage to go bold on those two flavors, and able to serve them in a very reasonable price. And should you get curious over the taste, or don’t sure what to choose, just ask the friendly waiter for a free tester.

And if you’re curious about their pancake and spaghetti, let’s just say that it packs quite a surprise considering the prices they’re offering. Beside of the ice cream you can also find selections of mocktails; the non-alcoholic versions of some famous cocktails, milk shakes, and other kind of drinks.

iFlava at the moment, resides at Jalan Tukad Barito No.20B; still within easy reach from both Renon and Teuku Umar area.

IF you’d like to find out more about them, just point your browser into, or steer to “Iflava Icecream” on Facebook. (byms)



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