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Balinese Style Blue Crab and River Prawn Are Now Available at The Holy Crab


On 2 November 2015, The Holy Crab Indonesia is launching a few new creations. This time The Holy Crab has explored a few local Indonesian flavors to be adopted into its Louisiana Seafood concept. It has created its own version of two traditional and tasty sauces namely Bumbu Genep and Sambal Matah to provide customers with a memorable Lousiana Seafood experience with a local twist. These new sauces are available at The Holy Crab Gunawarman, The Holy Crab Bali, and The Holy Crab Shack Flavor Bliss. 

Together with the launch of these new sauces, The Holy Crab is also adding the River Prawn and Blue Crab into its seafood selections. Sourced from Indonesian waters, the Blue Crab distinguishes itself from the mud crab through its color. The shell is bluish in color with white patches. The crab meat is soft and dense; high in protein and low in fat. As for the River Prawn, it is sourced from Sumatera and Kalimantan. The size is much larger than regular prawns and its meat naturally has sweet and savory taste.

Customers can choose to enjoy the Blue Crab or River Prawn with a choice of 2 Balinese sauces; Bumbu Genep or Sambal Matah. Bumbu Genep combines 12 different spices, whereas Sambal Matah uses Red Onion and Cayenne Pepper as the main ingredients along with 4 other ingredients. Both sauces are formulated by Albert Wijaya, the owner and Executive Chef of Ersons Food.

"These new sauces are inspired by the exotic Balinese flavors; Bumbu Genep and Sambal Matah which are favored by local residents and foreign tourists. Normally, these flavors are paired with chicken dishes, but now The Holy Crab is offering customers to taste the combination of these Balinese flavors and The Holy Crab’s premium seafood selection, “explains Albert Wijaya.

In addition to expand its menu selections, the launch of two new Balinese sauces is also a way for The Holy Crab to showcase local Indonesian flavors without compromising its fun Louisiana-style dining experience; without plates and cutleries. The launch of the Bali-themed menu is inspired by The Holy Crab’s presence at Petitenget, Bali



In early November 2015, The Holy Crab will also launch a new range of Louisiana-style dishes, such as the Mixed Seafood Dirty Rice, Jambalaya and Creole Rice to be served in its lunch menu. This new lunch menu is a way for The Holy Crab to bring in more of Louisiana flavors into Indonesia.

The Lunch Menu consists of:


  • Rolls - Shrimp or Crab sandwich served with soup and Cajun Fries.
  • Mixed Seafood Dirty Rice - Traditional Cajun dish made from white rice cooked with chicken liver slices and mixed seafood.
  • Jambalaya - Louisana Style Dish made from rice, seafood, tomato and spices.
  • Creole Rice - Rice with shrimp or crab with Cajun Sauce
  • Crab Cake Burger - Lumpy crab meat patty on burger buns served with Cajun Fries 
  • Crispy Fish Burger - Deep fried dory fish fillet on burger buns served with Cajun Fries

These new dishes’ price range between Rp 55.000 – 145.000 and will be served exclusively for lunch from Friday to Sunday.