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Chickens Monkeys Bears, Oh My! A-Trak Goes to Asia - BlackBook Magazine

Here's a travel note from A-Trak, the founder of "Fool's Gold Records", a New York Indie label which focuses on Music DJs performance. It's from the beginning of June 2011, while he went to Asia for their "Asian Sensation" Tour. A-Trak visited Bali and share his story.

Though involved in some traditional and spiritual activities, it's a pity that he didn't taste anyting Indonesian Food while was there; though he did manage to visit a good Thai restaurant somewhere in Bali which he didn't remember the name, which raises a question for me:

Is it still hard for international tourists to find representative Indonesian food during their visits in Bali? Or maybe it's just a matter of familiarity which makes Thailand and Chinese style food is more preferable, regarding considerably they're more famous than Indonesian food internationally?

By the way, A-Trak did also misidentify Bali Hinduism as Buddhism; perhaps due to the same reason of (un)familiarity.

Chickens & Monkeys & Bears, Oh My! A-Trak Goes to Asia

By A-Trak, July 13, 2011

At the beginning of June, I went to Asia with my friend Congorock, an Italian DJ on my label Fool's Gold, for our "Asian Sensation" Tour. I've been to Asia a bunch of times before, but this trip was particularly interesting because I went to so many countries back to back—it was like cultural speed-dating. From food and club audiences to hotels and traditional monuments, I got a quick taste of everything.

Bali is the only non-Muslim island in Indonesia. It’s Buddhist, and everywhere we looked there were these offerings to the gods, basically incense and flowers. I even saw one on the roof of a car.

I went to see a traditional healer in Bali. I haven’t seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love but I guess there’s a similar guy in there, and my host said the one in the movie has since “gone Hollywood”. I’m not even sure what these guys do but I figured there’s no harm in trying. It ended up being essentially a massage.

This was in a great Thai restaurant in Bali. I wish I kept the name - it was delicious. I didn’t actually taste Indonesian food while I was there. 

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