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Amanda Niode, Indonesia’s First Certified Culinary Travel Professional

Jakarta (June 5, 2014) -  The World Food Travel Association is pleased to announce its most recent Certified Culinary Travel Professional graduate, Amanda Niode from Indonesia.  

Amanda Niode is Chair of Omar Niode Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Indonesia working to raise awareness on the quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts.

The Certified Culinary Travel Professional program is the first and most comprehensive training and certification program for professionals in food and drink tourism. So far over 400 professionals from all over the world have graduated from the program.

Food Tourism is “The pursuit and enjoyment of unique and memorable food and drink experiences, both far and near, ” says Erik Wolf, the Executive Director of World Food Travel Association who is considered the go-to food tourism industry resource for media outlets that have included CNN, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes, and many more.

The benefit of food tourism are more visitor arrivals, sales, and tax revenue; a new competitive advantage such as unique food and drink; increased community awareness about tourism in general and the area’s food and drink resources; and more media coverage.

Erik Wolf further explains: “As a requirement to graduate, Amanda Niode wrote a 45-page research paper - Gorontalo as a Food Tourism Destination. It is definitely one of the best papers ever submitted by one of our students. We are honored to count Amanda as one of our graduates.”

Food has been included in Indonesia’s sub-sector of the creative industry because of its strong connection to tourism. Both national and international tourists purchase local food when traveling in Indonesia. 

“I am delighted to be associated with culinary travel professionals at the World Food Travel Association and hope to extend the network to benefit food tourism destinations in Indonesia,” says Amanda Niode who is also the World Food Travel Association’s Ambassador for Indonesia.

About World Food Travel Association

The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) is the world’s largest organization of its kind and the leading authority about the food tourism industry. The WFTA makes food tourism ”EASI” with is programs in Education, Assessment, Strategy and Implementation”. Its mission is to help preserve and promote the world’s food cultures through travel. WFTA recently published Have Fork Will Travel: A Practical Handbook for Food & Drink Tourism Professionals. Visit for more information./p>

About Omar Niode Foundation

The Omar Niode Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia working to raise awareness on the quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts. Some of the Foundation's programs include thesis scholarships, travel awards, books publication, seminars, and awareness campaigns. To date the Foundation has provided scholarships and awards for 50 (fifty) individuals. Visit for information and views on travel, agriculture, food and culinary writing.