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Nasi Ayam Warung KrishnaAre you curious about Indonesian food? Have you just find out about Sate (satay), Nasi Goreng (fried rice), or Gado-Gado (Indonesian style salad) and developed the taste for Indonesian food? Well here's a list of food blogs in English that can help you satisfy your curiosity about Indonesian Food.

At these blogs, you will find curated information on experience, taste notes, and photographs of Indonesian food, including recipes of how to create the yummy Indonesian dishes.

On the first part, I listed the major Indonesian food blogs on Food Creation for those who are curious about Indonesian cuisine and how to create them. On the second part, I listed the major Indonesian food blogs on Food Experience for those who curious about eating experience of Indonesian food, or in Indonesian eateries. On the third part (new section), I listed International Writers that writes about Indonesian food on their blogs. On the last part, I listed some Indonesian food blogs on Food Recipes for those who would like to go straight to create the experience for themselves. List are sorted alphabetically.

If you happen to know any other websites that fits into the listed categories, kindly please inform me as I will update this list from time to time. Why it have to be in English? Please visit About Epicurina page.


These are Indonesian food blogs with most of their content focused on food creation and recipes.

Sorted in alphabetical order



Belzy's Kitchen - Taste of Asia by Belzy

A retired accountant with passion for cooking, baking, traveling, and photography, and her blog clearly shows those interest, especially on cooking and photography. Belzy is currently living in WA, United States.

Bianca's and Jordan's Mom by Lidia Sianturi

This is Lidia's contemplating place, pouring the story of her journey in her kitchen, both by words and wonderful photographs; though she claimed it's a small kitchen, the food that comes out looks pretty 'grande', and what's best is that Lidia's willing to share her recipes for you. Lidia currently lives in Edmonton, Canada.

Bonita's Cooking and Bento Wonderland by Tata

This is Tata's yummilicious wonderland on cooking and creating bentos (japanese style set menu), along with the photographs; they're nutritious, and cute looking. Tata is currently living in Malang, East Java, perfecting her art.


Cooking Confidential by Wina Wini

Blog by a mother of two, sharing her experience in cooking and food appreciating.

Cooking et Cetera by Dhi

Cooking Etcetera is Dhi's playground where she can be herself, expressing the creative part of her through cooking, writing, photographing or sometimes simply by playing around with designs and web widgets.

Cooking Gallery by CG

A personal culinary journal of a girl who loves cooking and cake decorating. Maintained amidst the stressy full-time job which often keeps her away from indulging her craving for eating and creating yummy, delicious food. CG currently resides in Germany

Cornelia's Kitchen by Cornelia (Newly added)

Learned cooking by herself when deciding to left the comfort of her parent house in her early 20s; Cornelia now living in UK and sharing vegetarian cooking recipes on her blog, along with her notes on Indonesian eateries and beyond.


Dapur Negeri Dongeng by Sefa Firdaus

Blog by Sefa on Indonesian food, recipes and cooking experience, along with wonderful photograph of the food and tips on food photography. Sefa is currently living in Germany with her husband.


Food Inspiring by debritto

Blog about culinary journey in Indonesia, and Indonesian food recipes. 

For The Love of Baking by Riana Ambarsari a.k.a. Pennylane

Riana shares her passion in cooking (not just baking), and eating (surely), along with food notes and strikingly wonderful food photos. Riana is currently living in Jakarta.


Home MadeS by Arfi Binsted 

Arfi is an Indonesian-born Kiwi. She's a self-taught home cook and food photography enthusiast. Her blog consisted of general recipes and cooking tips (not only Indonesian food), and stories from her travels. Arfi currently is living in NZ and is happily married.


Indo Chine Kitchen by Jun

Jun created Indo Chine Kitchen with the intention "To share cooking experiences and recipes with the 'lost generations' like myself". She shares her knowledge of various Indonesian recipes and cooking secrets, in a way that's easy to understand. Her specialties are the Chinese Indonesian (Peranakan) dishes, and she currently lives in Medan.

Indonesia Eats by Pepy Nasution (2011 Most Favorite) 

Insightful writings on Indonesian food and recipes by Pepy, accompanied by wonderful photos. Pepy is an Indonesian-born girl who now lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband. 


J's Kitchen - Sweetens up life a little bit each day by Jenny

As the site's slogan suggests, Jenny is into cooking something sweet, and this is shown by her affinity toward cakes, especially Indonesian cake recipes. Jenny is currently living in Australia studying IT.

Jive Kitchen by unknown

A note on travel, cooking, and reviews on eateries in Indonesia.


Mari bermain di dapur by Monica Adriana

This is Monica's blog on cooking and baking, and here she shares some of Indonesian cookie recipes with you. Monica is currently lives in West Jakarta.

Mary's Pastry Lab Blog by Mary Jeanette

After a long hiatus setting up her online cake shop Mary's Pastry Lab, Mary is back into the blogging world sharing her favourite recipes with you all.

Mindy's Deli by Mindy

Mindy shares her passion of cooking and baking in this blog, along with her notes on each food, and background stories related to the dish. Mindy currently lives in Germany.

Mochachocolata Rita by Rita

In her blog, Rita shares her passion on food and cooking, including those from Indonesia, reminiscing of the old days when she's still living there. Rita currently lives in Hong Kong.


Physalis Fruit by Amallia Eka Widyastuti

Amallia is a Jakarta borne currently residing in Hannover Germany. While her cooking journey started the day she got married, it's also backed up by her passion in food, having her background of working in the hotelier industry. Currently Amallia shares her recipes along with her culinary adventure.


Rice and Coconut by Ridwan

Ridwan is a Sundanese Indonesian currently living in US. His passion for cooking started since he's young, by regularly helping her mother cooking. Though he disliked cheese, living in the US grant him a new perspective including incorporating them into his recipes.


Tasty Indonesian Food by Tatie 

A website from Tatie, Indonesian who now lives in Slovenia. Her website was born out of curiosity about how to create a good authentic Indonesian cooking abroad. Beside of stories and recipes, you will also find glossary of Indonesian cooking, including list of ingredients, spices and herbs, along with their explanation and translation to English. 


Whitty Cute by Rurie

In her blog, Rurie shares her deep "die-hard" love of food, her passion in cooking, baking, photography, and also on traveling. She currently lives in Gouda, The Netherlands with her husband. 


These are Indonesian food blogs with most of their content focused on food experience and eating out

Sorted in alphabetical order



Avigayil's Food Adventures by Avigayil

A blog on traveling and food adventures. Avigayil's frequent travel for her work with the Red Cross and for pleasure fits well with those two main interests.


Bon! Pictorials by Arman Yonathan

While this is not a food blog in its stricter form, Arman passionately shares his culinary adventure around Indonesia and abroad, either in his own time or along with his assignment as the photographer for Go Girl! Magazine. A lot of amazing food shots here!


Camellia's World by Camellia

Here in her blog, Camellia records her daily eating experience accompanied with food pictures, mostly from Jakarta eateries.

Culinary Bonanza by Ellyna Tjohnardi

An ever-expanding collection of references for places to eat in Jakarta, Bali and Singapore. It features restaurant reviews in Jakarta & Bali, as well as recommendations for which menu to try.


Eat and Treats by Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto

What started out as hobby is now an obsession. Food is somehow his fetish, that's how he describe it in phrase. EATandTREATS is a blog dedicated for people's love and interest to food, but Hans also made this blog as his diary of his travelings dan special events, some posts will include what he has been upto lately and worth sharing for the readers.

Epicurina - Epicurean Indonesia by Bayu Amus

A blog on good Indonesian food; consisted of food notes on Indonesian famous dishes, Indonesian restaurant and eateries, along with illustrative food photographs. Bayu is currently living in Bali, but had spent most of his life in Jakarta and Bandung, hence why he's quite familiar with food scenes in those three cities.


Food and Tea Traveller  by Neysa Valeria

Neysa writes her experience with tea and food from Indonesia and Melbourne where she currently resides. Two posts each week is what she committed to, so expect regular words and pictorial treats from her food blog.

Foodie Lunatic by Lia Hadipranoto

The society judgement about woman appearance to always stay slim, become my biggest contradiction with my appetite. But, what the hell, I don’t care….. I’ll do it anyway. I’ll find my way to satisfied my appetite and fit into my fave jeans at the same time! LOL!


Gourmet Pigs by Gourmet Pigs

Blogging about restaurants, drinks, and food events in LA + wherever she travel. Some writings on Indonesian food and eateries, especially from Surabaya and Java region.


Hotty Potty by Cend Woo 

Cend Woo is an big times foodie , tv-series junkie , everything observer , amateur food blogger , vegan in progress , greeks & fiction fan. In this blog he shares his passion for good food and culinary travel around Jakarta & Bandung.


Irene's getting fat by Irene 

Obsessed to food, hoping to share my culinary adventure. I love spicy foods, dim sums, pizza, and macarons. "Irene's Getting Fat!" is an Australian-Indonesian food blog, and actually a portfolio, it is mostly about food, but also includes travel logs and lifestyle.


Jenz Corner by Jenz (2011 Most Favorite) is a restaurant review blog mostly focusing on restaurants (or hawker stands) in Jakarta, including any other places they have visited.


Melly's Preference by Melly

They called me Miss Nyam-Nyam but truthfully I just do what I wanna do! Eat what I wanna eat! And write what I wanna write. It's just addict.

My Name is Food by Tya Kesuma 

Tya is currently living in Brisbane, Australia, and reviews local eateries, including Indonesian Restaurants. Tya enjoys food, likes to eat, enjoys fashion, enjoys photography, enjoys travelling and much more.


No recipe just story by Mayang Anggarani 



Ray's Food by Raydita

Raydita shares her love for good food, food adventures & events; and since she's a cook herself, she occasionally shares her cooking and cake recipes too.


Selby's Food Corner by Selby

Selby shares her daily adventure in food encounters in Jakarta, especially with the street foods; complete with food photographs. She also has some recipes for you to try at home.

Shoegarmama by Jenifer Patricia

In her blog Jenifer shares her passion for food and fashion; two things she likes the most among other interests she have in life spanning fitness, event organizing, Alien, and modelling.


The Gastronomy Afficionado by Rian Farisa

Rian offers seasoned, experienced, yet severe and unmerciful in culinary critics. Gastronomy is his passion, and he decided to unravel how businessmen, hawkers or luxurious restaurants alike, serve their dishes for the patrons. 


Yummy for Dummy by Anthony and Sara

Anthony and Sara are trying to help the dummies to find good foods by sharing their experiences through "Tommy"; a mascot representing their owner's tummy. 


These are professional food writers, which writes for mass media i.e.: newspaper, and magazine. They also wrote books on Indonesian culinary, and considered to have authority on Indonesian food subject.


Laksmi Pamuntjak

Since 1994 Laksmi Pamuntjak written columns and articles on politics, film, food, classical music and literature for Tempo Magazine and elsewhere. Since 2001 she published the famous Jakarta Good Food Guide, which is an international award-winning and the most popular guide to the Jakarta culinary scenes. She also co-founded Aksara, a bilingual bookstore in Jakarta. She had published about 13 books, which about half of them are poems.


Sri Owen

A freelance food and cookery writer, a travelling cookery teacher, and a food consultant. Worked with BBC Indonesian Service in London for nearly twenty years, as a presenter, producer, and translator. Starting 1976 Sri Owen has published 10 books about cooking and cuisine, on Indonesian food and Asian food.


These are international food blogs which covers about Indonesian food (among any other countries or places covered), mostly related to taste notes, which usually contains interesting insights into Indonesian food, as viewed from a fresh eye of a visitor.

Note: Click on the "Blog" link to go directly into Indonesian food sections.


Cumi & Ciki by Cumi & Ciki

This is the food & travel blog from two Malaysia born bloggers, who travels around and documented their journey in this wonderful blog. According to themselves, the name itself is derived from a popular educational television puppet show for Malaysian children in the 70s and 80s. This is the tale of the two traveling, eating, thrill-seeking monkeys from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Peninsular Malaysia.


Eating Asia by Robyn Eckhardt

Eating Asia is one of the 50s world's best food blogs according to Times UK; it's a collaboration between seasoned writer Robyn Eckhardt and photographer David Hagerman, which creates beautiful, evoking, and inspiring insight into an otherwise common Indonesian food.


Kitchen in Surgency by Karen Waddell

This is the travel & cooking blog of Karen Waddell, the voice behind Kitchen in Surgency who is also the owner of Bali Good Food Group, which includes Cinta Grill, Kafe Batan Waru, Siam Sally and Terazo, and the Bali Good Food Catering which catered for the cast and crew of Eat, Pray, Love during their shoot in Bali. Karen currently living and cooking between Bali and New York.


These are Indonesian food blogs with almost all of their content dedicated solely on food creation and recipes

01 | Merry's Kitchen of Indonesian Cuisine and Recipes by Merry

02 | Original Indonesian Recipe by Juandy

03 | Indonesian Culinary by unknown

04 | Kitchen Fun Withti by unknown

05 | Kedai Hamburg by Retno Prihadana

06 | Sylvie's Combuisindo by Sylvie

07 | Chicken Kitchen by Mrs. Baasje

08 | Sweet and Spicy by Aisha

09 | Eats Time With Nath by Nath

10 | Wisata Asia - Indonesian Food Directory by unknown

11 | Cook Uncooked by Lintang Dewani


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