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Delicious Traditional Seafood & Fish dishes in Bali

Beside of the pork and all the meats, Bali is also famous for its seafood, like Ikan bakar ala Jimbaran & Sup Kepala Ikan. Here's our recommendation on traditional seafood and other fish-based dishes.

Menega Cafe

Muaya Beach, Jl. Four Season Resort, Jimbaran, Bali

Perhaps the most famous seafood resto in Jimbaran, Bali, though they offers similar dishes with other beach-front "cafe" in the area. Hard to get a table on busy nights, and there are cases where reservations are "forgotten". Receives complaints on service and hospitality.

Tips: As a general rule for eating in this area,remember to check your bills' accuracy, and set-menus are always cheaper, though you might need to book for it in advance. Grilled clams is a must, crab is good, shrimps are yummy, but prepare to pay premium for anything ordered. About 300K IDR for a simple meal.

Warung Ramayana

Jalan pamelisan agung Jimbaran, Badung, Bali

Claimed by many of its visitors to be the best Jimbaran style seafood restaurant in all the Jimbaran district. Seating and view is not as fancy as the Muaya beach's, but the food is good and the prices are way cheaper.

Warung Mak Beng

Jalan Hang Tuah No. 45 Sanur, Denpasar, Bali

Rumoured to be the inventor of Balinese fish-head soup; spicy slightly-salty clear soup with chunks of fish head (including the eye). Set menu also consisting of fried fish and rice, with the fiery sambal merah. Prepare to queue and sweat as the place is small while the interested customers are many.

Warung Be Pasih

Jalan Pemuda III No. 24 Renon, Denpasar, Bali

Nice place, good food, fair prices, and a lot of options to choose from, which includes non-fish or seafood dishes. Tastes here are friendlier to out of Bali visitors; who usually shocked by the all-fiery standard meals here applies.

Pondok Tempo Doeloe

Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali

This is a Sundanese, not Balinese style fresh water fish dishes mainly serving Gourami and Nila; food tasted great and prices are reasonable, hence it's a favourite spot for family gathering, or large business lunch.

Pesmol Nila and Gourami soup is great, on a national scale! They also serves delicious oven roasted goat, unlike the other IBC (Ikan Bakar Cianjur) branches.

Warung Meme Sari

Jalan Tukad Gangga, Denpasar, Bali

This is actually 3 different restaurants in one settlement, where each one is specializing on seafood, fresh water fishes, and pizza. It's a "real" restaurant with nice setting, and seafood sets offers good variety and fair tastes, with surprising cheap prices; 70K IDR for grilled fish, clams, udang satay, and a crab, including plecing kangkung and two plate of rice, what do you think?

Depot Sari Laut (Pak Muktar)

Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur, Bali

A small spot who seemed to have passed its prime time. However the food is still good; try their "Kepiting asam manis" which actually is a Crab cooked in a mild spicy pepper sauce with a hint of sourness, and slight after taste of fermentation.

15K per 100 grams of crab, with each weighed about 600-700 grams; a bit high compared to other restaurants on the class, but it's worth it.  

Ikan Bakar Khas Jimbaran Cabang Lukluk

A seafood resto & antique furniture in one. They have a bit surprisingly high prices for the setting and location, where most are serving budget lunch dishes; however the food is good, and set menus has good value. A good choice if you're longing for Jimbaran style grilled fish/clams but are too far away/lazy/busy to drive 2 hours south to Jimbaran.

Warung Bendega - Grill & Seafood

Jalan Cok Agung Tresna No. 37 Jl. Jayagiri 1, Denpasar, Bali

They're among pioneering resto in the area; serves set menus on not just seafood but also other traditional dishes. Food is okay, prices a bit exclusive. Tropical garden setting, classic rustic atmosphere. Owned by the family of Denpasar's Mayor.

Pasar Ikan Kedonganan

Pantai Kedonganan, Denpasar, Bali

Traditional fish market with surrounding shacks offering cooking services. Way cheaper compared with dining in Jimbaran beaches; if you are aiming for the food alone. Prepare to haggles and wear boots! 

Warung Ari (sate dan pepes ikan laut)

Jalan Tukad Pakerisan, Denpasar, Bali

Succulent chunky grounded fish meat with strong coconut flavour and thin sweet glazing; grilled over coconut husks until a bit dried outside and juicy inside. Served with delicious sambal merah. Epicurina's champion so far for Sate Lilit Ikan and Sate Tusuk Ikan.

Their Sate Lilit is rich and a bit sweet, while their Sate Tusuk resembles regular sate with large fish chunks, umami and delicious.

Ikan Bakar Cianjur

Jalan Kapten Cokorde Agung Tresna Renon, Denpasar, Bali

It's the same resto with Pondok Tempo Doeloe aove, minus most of the non-fish and (same) no seafood dishes. Good food, good prices, a local favourite.

Ikan Bakar Batan Santen

Pulau Serangan, Denpasar, Bali

Now located on the new food stalls area near the entry gate to Pulau Serangan. Offers Balinese style grilled fish (better known as "Jimbaran style"), with decent prices and taste.

On overall the food shacks in this area serves two styles of grilled fish; the rich, creamy and spicy Jimbaran style, and the slow roasted fish-on-a-stick with smoky flavors. Some places are also sells the unique "Jukut Bulung"; a vegetable dish made from seaweed and grated coconut, with fermented fish stock sauce. Not everyone's meal but it's only available in the area.

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