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Food Expression in Indonesian

Asian Food Channel

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Start airing on AFC (Asian Food Channel) this November 2011, is one food adventure show which based on Indonesian eateries, titled "Taste of Indonesia". The show is hosted by a father and daughter duo, Bondan and Gwen Winarno.

Perhaps less known to the audience outside Indonesia, Bondan Winarno is a national celebrity; food-celebrity to be precise. His friendly face and smile greets national TV audience regularly on weekends, through various cooking & eating shows.

He also leads a tribe of foodies "Jalansutra", a term which means "Knowledge on Jalan-jalan (Traveling)", which includes surely the activity of eating -- two things that "Pak Bondan" enjoys very much since back from the time when he's regularly traveling around Indonesia and the world as a journalist.

While quite famed himself, Pak Bondan are best known for the phrase he helps popularized and has becoming his trademark; "maknyus!" or the more complete "poko'e maknyus!"

Though the term is highly associated with Pak Bondan, he admitted openly that he did not create the phrase himself. Instead the term believed to be invented by the late Umar Kayam, a renowned veteran sociologist and writer in Indonesia, as pak Bondan mentioned in one interview:

Dulu saya suka makan bareng Umar Kayam dan Gunawan Muhammad. Setiap menemukan makanan yang enak, Pak Umar Kayam selalu bilang, “Ini maknyus, mantap.” 

Waktu syuting di Wisata Kuliner,saya keceplosan bilang ‘maknyus’ dan ditayangkan. Ternyata, banyak yang suka jadi saya lanjutkan saja. Menurut kru, saya itu Mr one take oke, sekali ambil gambar sudah oke, tidak akan diulang lagi. Hahaha ...
I used to eat with Umar Kayam and Gunawan Muhammad. Everytime we encounters good food, Pak Umar Kayam always say, "This is maknyus, superb."

Once upon shooting for Wisata Kuliner, I mentioned the phrase by reflex and it was aired. Turned out, a lot of people like it and so I just continue. According to the crew, I am "Mr. One take okay", one take is already okay, there won't be re-takes. Hahaha...

Source: Vivanews article.

Due to it's uniqueness and popularity, "maknyus!" has becoming the new standard of anything uber good, and it doesn't stop with cooking & eating subjects. It is applicable for virtually anything.

Besides of maknyus, what are other food expressions commonly used in Indonesian? Let's find out below; as for pronounciation guide please refer to this WikiTravel article.

Common expression

Sekali - though the word itself means "once", it is also uses as superlative; hence "enak sekali" means really good, instead of once good

Sangat - very; "sangat enak" means very delicious, it is interchangeable with sekali only it is always used before the word instead of after, like sekali

Banget - a slang version of sekali; "asem banget" means really sour

Tidak - not; a negative expression, thus "tidak enak" means not good

Nggak - a slang version of tidak; "nggak oke" means not okay

Agak - moderate, medium; "agak manis" means moderately sweet

Lumayan - not bad, moderate, interchangeable with agak·

Kurang - less; "kurang asin" means not salty enough

Terlalu - overly; "terlalu pahit" means overly bitter

Biasa - average; "rasanya biasa" means tasted average, could also means ordinary, regular i.e. "roti biasa" means ordinary bread, "tempat biasa" means regular place

Setengah - half, rare or medium; "setengah porsi" means half portion, while "setengah matang" means rare or medium cooked

Regular eating expression

Sedap - delicious

Enak - tasted good

Pedas - hot, chilli hot

Panas - hot, temperature

Hangat - warm, mildly hot

Dingin - cold, temperature

Tawar - plain, plain tasted

Basi - spoiled, outdated

Amis - fishy

Mentah - raw

Matang - cooked, also means ripe; "nasi matang" means cooked rice, while "mangga matang" means ripe mango

Goreng - fried

Bakar - grilled

Panggang - roasted

Rebus - boiled

Kukus - steamed

Oseng - stir fried

Mantap - solid, firm; "pedasnya mantap" means solid hot

Manis - sweet

Asin - salty

Pahit - bitter

Asam - sour

Asem - slang version of asam, could also means tamarind

Gurih - mostly means umami, or savory to some extent

Renyah - crunchy

Kriuk - slang version of crunchy

Garing - dry, but could also be used in the same manner with kriuk and renyah. However used outside of food-related it's a slang for tastelessness, thus creating negative impression e.g. "Acaranya garing banget" means the show is really tasteless

Kenyal - rubbery

Lapar - hungry

Kenyang - full

Special food expression

Maknyus - uber good

Top markotop - same with maknyus

Sakaw - in strong need of, due to addiction

Nendang - originally means kicking, often used to express overly good food as well

Edan - crazy

Jempol - thumb; thumbs up

Yah (be)gitu lah - so-so

Kacau - disorderly, wrecked, awful; "bumbunya kacau" means the seasoning is out of order, "rasanya kacau" means tasted awful

Nagih - addicted, originally means demanding for a promised thing; "bikin kita nagih" means making us addicted

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