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Glipho: Social Publishing Platform

Indonesians embrace Social Blogging

Only 5 percent of the 200 million blogs worldwide currently receive engagement, and connecting writers is key to changing this trend. Leading social publishing platform has given Indonesian bloggers more opportunities to make their voices heard.

BOSTON, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Social blogging is a leading web activity, yet most writers struggle to build an audience for their posts. combines a publishing platform with a social environment which will help international writers expand their reach.

Unlike conventional social publishing platforms such as Twitter or Tumblr, Glipho is a writer-focused network that showcases longer form content, with a 150-word minimum per post – called a Gliph. Each user creates a profile to publish multi-media Gliphs, and Glipho serves as a communal blog that does the work of optimizing posts for audience generation. (Glipho explains how its features work in an infographic.)

The social publishing platform has already taken North America and Europe by storm, and countries like Indonesia are not far behind.

Glipho founder and CEO Roger Planes is confident the platform will help more Indonesian bloggers find their readers. “Indonesia has already proven a real hot bed for social blogging. We’ve been impressed with the high volume of Indonesian writing on the network and we are looking forward to increasing our number of Indonesian bloggers”.

Current Gliphers come from more than 120 countries, blogging about everything from fashion and food to space exploration and web technology. All content is written, ranked and categorized by Glipho writers, providing them access to like-minded audiences and real-time engagement opportunities that build readership. Glipho makes it easy to create and share good-looking, search optimized posts - no design or SEO skills needed. Writers bring the creativity, the platform delivers the community.

About Glipho

Founded by bloggers for bloggers, Glipho is the free social publishing platform that brings the power of social networking to traditional writing. Glipho publicly launched in Europe and North America in March 2013. It currently operates with 11 employees based in London (Canary Wharf) and downtown Boston, and has raised $750 thousand in seed funding to date. Glipho anticipates surpassing 100,000 users in autumn 2013. Writers from around the world have already published hundreds of thousands of articles on the platform, and Glipho garners daily visitors from more than 120 countries. The platform is available on PC and tablets, as well as mobile Android and iPhone applications.